The Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services (MCDVS)
is a vibrant association, setting the standard of excellence for state-of-the-art volunteer administration. As such, we commit to promote and strengthen the field of volunteer administration and the skills of volunteer management professionals through collaboration, support, education, and leadership development. MCDVS also holds Elements of Volunteer Management full day workshops and an annual Professional Development Day Career Development

“Technology/Information Systems and Electronic Connections”

On Tuesday, November 20th MCDVS had our second workshop of the year.

What we covered was:

  • Social Media Marketing Techniques (including Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Email Marketing Efforts
  • Website Optimizing (A/B Testing) Techniques
  • Display Advertising / Remarketing Efforts
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Standards for Excellence Best Practices

Presented by P.J. Chambers, President of WEBIXI




Elements of Volunteer Management Training

Topics covered included:
planning, marketing, developing position descriptions, preparing for risk management and legal issues, training, recordkeeping and reporting, providing recognition, recruiting, and selecting.

The Presenters were:

Susan Kern, VA Administration, Volunteer Service Officer

Latrice Price, Living Legacy

Jeff Walstrum, Manager of Volunteer, National Aquarium

Barbara Wilt, Volunteer Coordinator, Baltimore County Gov’t 









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