About Us

Supporting Maryland’s volunteer administrators for over 50 years

The Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services (MCDVS) celebrates a long and distinguished history in meeting the needs of volunteer administrators. In 1955, after two volunteer directors, May AHA logoKelly (Lutheran Hospital) and Helen Tingley (Department of Mental Health and Hygiene) attended an annual meeting of the American Hospital Association, they returned excited about forming a statewide council for volunteer program administrators. An invitation was sent to Volunteer Directors; this small group met and MCDVS was formed. In 1956, the Council was born.
The “Council of Directors of Volunteer Services” was formally organized with Mae Kelly as its first President, and 12 members comprised the Council. As programs were developed, more directors became interested while workshops and seminars took on a meaningful purpose.

MCDVS in the 21st Century

Today, the Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services is a vibrant association, setting the standard of excellence for state-of-the-art volunteer administration. As such, we commit to promote and strengthen the field of volunteer administration and the skills of volunteer management professionals through collaboration, support, education, and leadership development. Although we began as a group of healthcare volunteer administrators, our members now represent a variety of fields including arts and culture, education, juvenile and youth services, mental health issues, poverty and homelessness, senior services, volunteer centers, and many more. We cover both the state and the organizational chart. Our members’ titles include Executive Director, Program Manager, Project Coordinator, Human Resource Director, Events Coordinator, and, of course “Directors of Volunteer Services.”

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