Career Development


can be a vital resource to volunteer administrators who are new to the field as well as those who have wealth of experience in working with volunteers.
Elements of Volunteer Management

This full-day course focuses on the major building blocks of successful volunteer programs.

Topics covered include:
planning, marketing, developing position descriptions, preparing for risk management and legal issues, training, recordkeeping and reporting, providing recognition, recruiting, and selecting.

Participants in this interactive course learn from a team of seasoned professional volunteer administrators, as well as other students with whom they exchange ideas throughout the day. This course appeals to both newcomers to the field and experienced volunteer managers who need a refresher.

Annual Professional Development Workshop

MCDVS annually sponsors a fee-based all-day workshop on a hot topic in volunteer management. The presenter is always an expert in the selected area and a skilled facilitator or consultant. Past Professional Development workshops included: “Change: Moving Volunteer Management Into New Territory” (including online professional development and virtual volunteering, positioning the volunteer program within our organizations, designing programs to attract and retain diverse populations, creating accountable episodic and cyber volunteer positions); Building Excellent Volunteer and Volunteer-Employee Teams; and High Power Resource Sharing (written forms and policies combined with focus groups addressing liability issues, creative recruitment and recognition and benefits, interviewing and selection). In recent years, the MCDVS annual meeting has been scheduled as a morning breakfast prior to the Professional Development Workshop. The site varies, but is in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Guests are welcome. Members attend at a discounted rate.

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